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Early Development Instrument

Presented by Caren Thayer
Data Analysis Coordinator, City of Peterborough

Through her presentation, Caren explores the importance of development in the first five years of life, the degree of vulnerability in children from the Peterborough region and how this relates to community well being overall.


Precarious Employment Research Initiative

Presented by Mike Gannon and Jason Denison
Employment Manager, City of Peterborough Social Services and Workforce Development Board

This presentation explores the relationship between poverty and employment insecurity in Southern Ontario, highlighting the key research and survey data used to understand this dynamic.


Customer Surveys - Lessons Learned

Presented by Jen Chenier and Nancy Fischer
Kawartha-Haliburton Children's Aid Society and Senior Program Analyst, City of Peterborough Social Services

This presentation explores the points of contact for agency/client feedback and process involved in acquiring feedback from the community.





Community Based Research Ethics


Ethical conduct for research involving humans.


Way Home Peterborough

Suzanne Galloway
Presentation about youth homelessness and the need for data from local partners to capture metrics to inform the effectiveness and impact work being done.


Open Data - City of Peterborough

Sharon Zastre, GIS Data Analyst, City of Peterborough
Presentation providing background on the genesis and work done to date with the City of Peterborough's GIS Open Data project, which has been broken into four phases.





Supporting Local Evidence-Informed Decision Making

Peterborough Public Health
A presentation discussing the foundational standards in OPHS and an introduction to the Early Growth and Development compendium.


Stay Tuned

More to come.


Stay Tuned

More to come.