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Swimming Pools

Information Required

When applying for a permit to install a swimming pool, you must have certain basic information about the construction for the application to be complete and accepted by the Building Division.

If you do not have all of this information, your application is incomplete and cannot be processed. Please ensure that you have the following before applying for a pool permit:

  • The municipal address of the property.
  • The cost of construction for the pool and fence enclosure.
  • The application fee of $75.
  • Name, address and phone number(s) for the owner(s), the pool contractor and fence installer.

Plans Required

Plans must accompany the application to show clearly what is being built and where it is being built. If possible, obtain a copy of your location survey plan to use as a basis to prepare a site plan. If no survey plan is available, prepare a sketch showing the lot and the existing building footprint(s). The site plan must show all existing buildings; the size and area of the pool; setbacks from all lot lines and the fencing enclosure to the swimming pool; the location of all gates, hydro and gas meters, (fuel oil fill pipe if applicable), any retaining walls, driveways, streets and a north arrow. Grades and drainage arrows should indicate how surface drainage is being directed so grading complies with the subdivision agreement. The plan must also show the type and height of the fence and gates. If there is a deck being built under the same permit, please see the submission requirements for decks. If you are not familiar with the construction details of what is to be built, you may need your contractor to prepare the plan and file the application on your behalf. If you know what you want to build but are not capable of preparing the necessary plan, you may have to hire someone to prepare the required drawing for you. This person must be qualified and/or registered as a designer per the requirements under the OBC. You must file:

  • Two complete site and fence plans along with one copy of your existing location survey.
  • If the pool is to be constructed on a lot in a Registered Plan of Subdivision, you will be required to submit a pool site/grading and drainage plan, prepared by an engineer. Check with the Building Division.
Note: If you do not have a location survey for your property, you may be asked to provide one to prove where the lot limits of your property are and how far your existing building and proposed swimming pool is from the lot lines. This is to ensure compliance with the Swimming Pool By-Law. Please ensure that you have all the required information, application fee and plans so there are no delays in accepting or processing your application.

No pool is to be installed unless a permit is issued and the installation inspected by the City.  Failure to comply may result in prosecution under provisions of the By-Law.